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Peter Hawsworth
By Peter Hawsworth on June 17, 2020

Finding the Right LED Lighting Partner for Your Business

Businesses that switch to LED lighting can save more than 60% on their energy and maintenance costs. This equals tens of thousands of dollars in savings per year for businesses. In addition to lower energy consumption, LED lighting lasts longer than traditional lighting fixtures. This reduces ongoing maintenance costs. All of these savings can have a serious impact on your budget when you need it most. 

LED Lighting Brings Big Benefits

In addition to the immediate cost savings on your first energy bill after an upgrade, LED lighting also:

  • - Improves the safety of your workers
  • - Enhances the experience of your customers 
  • - Benefits the environment by reducing your carbon footprint
  • - Installs easily with the right partner

Start Saving With No Additional Costs

You can start saving even faster when you choose a lighting-as-a-service (LaaS) provider. Switching over to LED lighting may seem like a big task, but a LaaS partner will help you maximize your savings with zero disruption to your existing business.

The LaaS partner covers all upfront costs for your upgrade - including design, manufacturing and installations. Business owners enjoy instant cost savings and apply a portion of these savings to pay for their upgrade over time. There is zero upfront investment required to immediately switch to LED and start saving.

3 Quick Tips for Finding the Right LaaS Provider

As more businesses realize the immediate cost benefits of switching to LED, a number of small LaaS providers are popping up. However, not all partners are alike. As you begin to consider a switch to LED, keep these things in mind:

  • Experience matters: LED is an emerging field. By making the switch now, you’re on the cutting edge of this incredible savings opportunity. Find a partner with a proven track record for successful installs and maintenance.
  • Make it personal: Look for a partner with experience in your industry or a similar application. Retail establishments require different lighting strategies than manufacturing facilities. The right partner will have a range of experience that matches your needs but also adds new ideas to the table from similar installations. 
  • Look for a long lasting relationship: The ideal LED partner will be ahead of the curve and will bring an understanding of the industry. Your ideal partner should view you as just that - a partner. Over time, they will keep you informed of the newest cost-savings and environmentally friendly options so you can maximize your savings.

Learn more about how FES no-cost LED lighting solutions can instantly save your business money and increase the safety of your structure.

guide to commercial led lighting

How to Find the Right LED Partner

There are a few simple steps you can take to determine if LaaS is right for your business. Once you decide, it’s time to find the right partner.


  1. Take a look at your current costs. Businesses often save thousands of dollars every month when they switch to LED. To estimate how much you could save, take a look at your current costs. Future Energy Solutions has made this easy with a quick LED savings switch calculator. Enter information about your locations and energy usage, and quickly find out how much you could save when you make the switch to LED.
  2. Find a professional with experience. Now that you know how many thousands of dollars you can save every month, starting immediately when you switch to LED, it’s time to find the right partner. Look for a professional with experience creating custom lighting solutions across multiple industries.
  3. See what others have to say about your LaaS provider. From creating a safer environment for employees and customers to driving significant cost savings, see what your partner’s previous clients have to say. These success stories give you valuable insights into your partner’s ability to work in a business like yours.
  4. Minimize downtime. Minimize your downtime, or eliminate it altogether, with an experienced LaaS partner. Construction projects, like lighting overhauls, can often seem overwhelming. The right LaaS provider will plan and manage your project from start to finish in order to minimize disruption to your business.
  5. Keep the lights on, literally. Service shouldn’t stop after the initial installation. The right LaaS partner keeps overall costs low for your business with a proactive maintenance schedule. LED lights last 50,000-100,000 hours, but maintenance still happens. A good LaaS partner will keep the lights on for you.
  6. Look for a partner, not just a provider. A LaaS partner values your time and money as if it was their own. A partner actively invests in your business by looking for ways to save you even more money. Every dollar matters, and Future Energy Solutions has helped thousands of businesses put more money in the bank through lighting upgrades. In addition to instant savings and free maintenance, we’ll buy your old, outdated, inefficient fixtures back from you. 

Savings are Waiting for You 

It’s possible to start saving immediately with an LED lighting solution from FES. Our specialists will look closely at your lighting needs and design a custom solution that instantly reduces your energy bills. Ongoing maintenance is always on us, and we’ll even buy back your old fixtures. 

Our mission is to save business owners thousands of dollars on their yearly energy costs with no-capital LED lighting upgrades. If you’re ready, reach out to us today to schedule a quick, no-commitment call with one of our savings specialists. We’ll gather a few simple details and help you estimate how much you could save if you make the switch.

Our solutions require no initial investment from you. We’ll manage the entire process, switch you to LED lighting, help your monthly energy costs decrease immediately, and we’ll even buy back your old fixtures to put some extra cash in your pocket. 



Published by Peter Hawsworth June 17, 2020
Peter Hawsworth