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Gabriela Anez-Lobon
By Gabriela Anez-Lobon on February 02, 2021

The 7 Undisputable Business Benefits of LED Lighting

As more and more small businesses and property managers realize the benefits of LED lighting, this sustainable solution is becoming one of the top energy choices for businesses. While LED lighting is more sustainable, more reliable and more affordable than traditional incandescent lighting, it’s still widely underutilized. The benefits of LED lighting extend far beyond your small business’s bottom line. 

Already sold on the benefits of LED lighting and considering your upgrade options? Check out this Guide to Commercial LED Lighting.

7 Business Benefits of LED Lighting

LED Lighting Benefit 1 - Energy Efficiency

Business owners can save tens of thousands of dollars a year just by switching to lower-energy-use LED lights. These lights use 25 to 80% less energy than traditional alternatives, and businesses can make the switch with zero upfront costs.

Wondering if LED lighting is right for your business? According to ENERGY STAR, businesses like yours spend $60 billion annually on energy. An energy audit helps you determine where you can start saving today.

LED Lighting Benefit 2 - Cost Savings

Because LED lamps last longer than traditional bulbs, businesses can reduce operating expenses by swapping out light bulbs less frequently. The bulbs themselves are also more energy-efficient which reduces monthly utility bills.

Switching to LED lighting can save your business as much as 60 percent annually on lighting costs and does not involve any upfront investment. In uncertain economic times, this benefit of LED lighting can’t be overlooked. 

LED Lighting Benefit 3 - Higher Sales

Reducing operating expenses is critical for small businesses, but so is increasing revenue. Better lighting is proven to boost retail sales, with one study showing a 12 percent increase in sales as a result of lighting enhancements. Now that BOPIS (buy online, pickup in store) models are the norm, it’s more important than ever to make your business easy to spot and a safe place to pick up. 

LED Lighting Benefit 4 - Improved Health

Now more than ever small businesses must have stringent health guidelines in place to protect their employees and customers. Bad lighting and outdated bulbs have negative health impacts.

LED lights are less toxic than other lightbulb alternatives because they’re lead- and mercury-free. These toxins have been proven to cause serious health issues, especially for employees who are exposed on a daily basis. The right light can also make your employees more productive, which can translate to $1,000 extra revenue generated by each of those employees! 

LED Lighting Benefit 5 - Increased Safety

One of the often overlooked benefits of LED lighting for businesses is safety. Low energy LED lighting solutions actually create a safer environment for customers and employees through directional lighting. The ability to direct lamp beams exactly where you need them most allows you to eliminate dark spots in parking structures and deliver task lighting right where your employees need it.   

In addition, traditional light bulbs are hot to the touch because 90% of their energy consumption is emitted as heat – not light! This wasteful design means you’re paying for energy that’s not lighting your workspaces, and changing a light bulb becomes a potential workplace injury. 

Parking structures are often overlooked by businesses as a significant source of hidden cost savings. These structures are expensive to light, and outdated or ineffective lighting creates safety hazards for pedestrians, customers, and employees. Lighting plays a key role in parking structure safety, and using long-lasting LED lighting means your parking area is consistently well lit.

LED Lighting Benefit 6 - Sustainability

LED lighting is a sustainable energy solution. This sustainability benefits both the environment and small business owners who need a responsible way to reduce their operating expenses.

Making sustainable choices like switching to LED lighting can also make your business eligible for many of the energy efficiency grants that are available. By helping the environment, you can also help your bottom line.

LED lights also last significantly longer than other commercial lighting options. They’re the longest lasting option, in fact, coming in at an average lifespan of 50,000 hours versus under 1,000 for incandescent bulbs. The longer lifespan translates to less environmental waste and lower maintenance and replacement costs for businesses.

In fact, LED technology reduced carbon emissions by close to 600 million tons in just one year.

LED Lighting Benefit 7 - Corporate Responsibility

Making sustainable, healthy energy choices is good for your business’s reputation, too. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, 73% say they would definitely or probably change their consumption habits to reduce their impact.

Millennials are responsible for $1 trillion in spending and are especially concerned about where they’re spending their dollars. When your small business has a sustainable, health-conscious lighting strategy in place, it gives these consumers a reason to spend with you.

It can also help you attract top talent to your team because 40% of millennials choose jobs based on the company’s environmental policies. 

Don’t Be Left in the Dark

The benefits of LED lighting for businesses can’t be denied. As a more efficient solution that lasts longer and creates better quality light, LED lighting for businesses is a necessary upgrade. Businesses just like yours are converting to LED lighting at record rates, with an estimated 61% of businesses making the switch.

Thinking about making the switch? Read this Complete Commercial Guide to LED Lighting.

guide to commercial led lighting

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Published by Gabriela Anez-Lobon February 2, 2021
Gabriela Anez-Lobon

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