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Peter Hawksworth
By Peter Hawksworth on July 07, 2020

These 10 Trends are the Future of Sustainable Energy for Business

Adopting sustainable energy solutions is an important way businesses are cutting costs during uncertain times. Many of these sustainable energy solutions are extremely easy for businesses to implement, like making the switch to commercial-grade LED lighting. In fact, so many businesses are switching to sustainable solutions, renewable energy sources are actually outpacing coal consumption. Businesses that make the switch to sustainable energy are reducing their costs, decreasing their environmental impact, and creating a safer environment for their employees.  

10 Sustainable Energy Trends for Businesses in 2020

U.S. businesses are driving the demand for sustainable energy solutions. Companies that recognize these energy trends and adopt them early will be ahead of the curve when it comes to reaping the benefits of sustainable energy for businesses.

1. Rapid LED lighting adoption

Adoption of LED lighting systems is one of the fastest growing sustainable energy choices for businesses. The benefits of LED lighting include a low lifetime cost, significantly longer lamp life and decreased energy consumption. Download our whitepaper here to learn how LED lighting can make an immediate impact on your business.    

2. A focus on exterior spaces

For too long, businesses have only considered the sustainable energy usage inside their facilities. Looking ahead, energy-smart companies will begin to consider their energy use across outdoor areas including parking structures. As both the first impression a customer receives and a significant source of energy consumption, exterior LED lighting is a cost-saving trend for 2020.

3. The right time for improvements

Whether your workforce has become remote or you’re following social distancing guidelines and keeping onsite headcount low, new health and safety procedures have created a prime time to undergo facility upgrades. LED lighting, for example, can be upgraded quickly and with zero disruption to your current workforce.  

4. Sustainable energy offsets expenses

In these uncertain times, business revenue is taking a significant hit. Adopting sustainable energy solutions, from alternative power sources to practical upgrades like LED lighting, can instantly reduce overall operating expenses and offset any losses you are experiencing in the current economy.

5. Zero-capital upgrades

As sustainable energy solutions for business increase, so do incentive programs and new service models. Lighting-as-a-service has emerged as a popular zero-capital improvement option for businesses. These options allow businesses to instantly begin saving money with no initial expense.

6. Increased health and safety for employees

Now more than ever, businesses are being required to prioritize their team’s health and safety. Simple upgrades, like installing HVAC filters and providing better lighting, can immediately improve employees’ well-being, increase productivity and reduce sick days.

7. Alternative energy adoption 

Wind and solar output has quadrupled since 2009, and the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that renewable sources like wind and solar continue to be the fastest growing source of electricity. More and more businesses are adopting these renewable energy sources, with Facebook being the largest corporate offtaker for solar in 2018.

8. Electric vehicle fleet adoption

The use of electric vehicles (EVs) in corporate fleets is on the rise. As new legislation continues to target reduced carbon emissions, it will be essential for all businesses to reduce their fleet emissions by incorporating EVs. There are many state and federal incentive programs to make switching to EVs easy and affordable.  

9. More renewable energy providers

With so many choices, it’s important for businesses to choose the right partner for their sustainable energy solutions. By choosing the right partner, your business will be viewed as a leader in adopting sustainable energy, which builds trust with your clients.

10. Energy solutions as a service

As sustainable energy solutions become more accessible to businesses like yours, it’s important to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. By partnering with a service provider like FES, businesses benefit from comprehensive planning and implementation services as well as ongoing support. Partnering with a service provider versus attempting a DIY install allows businesses to immediately receive the maximum benefits of their sustainable energy choices.

Why Sustainable Energy for Business Makes Sense

Choosing sustainable energy sources drives business growth. In addition to positioning you as a respected leader in this important environmental issue, renewable energy sources significantly reduce your operating expenses.

Sustainable energy choices have other less tangible benefits, too. For example, switching to LED lighting with the right partner can not only drive significant cost savings, it can also:

  • Improve the safety of your workers
  • Enhance the experience of your customers
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and benefit the environment

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits for businesses of all sizes is that sustainable energy is a predictable expense in an uncertain economy. While oil prices continue to fluctuate drastically, businesses that rely on sustainable energy sources and products like LED lighting are less impacted by unpredictable market changes. As global events like the COVID pandemic create market uncertainty for a wide range of industries, the dependability of sustainable energy solutions for businesses can help you better plan for the future and create a safe environment for your employees.



Published by Peter Hawksworth July 7, 2020
Peter Hawksworth