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Gabriela Anez-Lobon
By Gabriela Anez-Lobon on October 27, 2020

How to Keep Your Business Running During a Lighting Remodel

When business managers think of construction or repairs, they often think about how to maintain business-as-usual while capital improvements are being made.

Especially today, every minute of sales and operations are critical to business performance.

Although replacing your lighting with LED lighting may seem daunting, if managed well it can lead to thousands of dollars in energy savings in the long run and require less maintenance than conventional lighting systems.

What’s more, if you choose the right partner, you do not have to pay upfront for this upgrade.


Start With a Lighting Audit

Many businesses are shocked to discover how much they spend on energy usage -- specifically lighting -- over time. 

Once you start considering a lighting remodel, the first step (after selecting the right partner) is to take a deep-dive look at your current system and what you’ve been spending each month and throughout the year.

Reviewing your energy bills, cost per square foot, and total expense each month will give you a better sense of the total amount you can save. 


Create a Tight Timing Plan

If you run a business that operates 24/7 or has a high level of consumer traffic (restaurant and retail) you will have to plan more carefully for installation. Work with your lighting partner to map out a plan that enables most of the work to be done on low-traffic hours and phase the installation in one area at a time.

Offices and schools have a slight advantage over retail and restaurant operations. Employees are working from home these days and many schools are operating at reduced capacity, so now is actually an ideal time to plan a lighting retrofit.


Turn the LED Lighting Project Into a Celebration, Not a Chore

Engaging employees -- and even your customers --  in your LED lighting transition is essential to getting their support. Choose the right planning team internally to help spearhead the effort. If people see that the lighting conversion will free-up dollars for business improvements, marketing, and even salaries they will be more likely to come on board.

Before work begins, make sure you have compelling messaging -- digital and signage --  throughout your business, informing people of what’s happening and why.

Remember too that LED lighting has significant environmental benefits. Share examples of how other companies have made the change to reduce waste.

Keep your employees and customers abreast of what’s happening. If you do have to shut down operations for a short time, make sure you’ve given people enough advance notice and explain -- simply and clearly -- what’s going on. In other words, highlight the fact that you’re creating a healthier and brighter environment for your team and customers.

Brainstorm with your team how you can make up for any lost work or sales time. Encourage them to come up with ideas for special deals or promotions that can boost business. If people see the project as a long-term positive initiative, they’ll be more likely to contribute to your action plan. If they feel that new LED lighting will benefit them in the long run they’ll be more likely to support a smooth transition.

guide to commercial led lighting

Communicate... Communicate... Communicate

The key to having an efficient installation retrofit is working with experienced and responsible partners who have a vested interest in your project. 

Get to know the manager responsible for the work and have daily huddles to review progress and discuss any issues that could have an impact on timing.

The safety of both the installers and your team/customers is critical throughout any construction or maintenance project, so look for any areas that could create problems. Move quickly but do not attempt to cut too many corners in scheduling.

Responsible and experienced commercial lighting partners will care as much as you do about business disruptions and will come up with creative ways to avoid them. Engage professionals who have worked specifically with your type of business and have a strong track record.


Measure LED Lighting’s Impact

Many businesses see an immediate benefit from an LED lighting installation. Not only can employees and customers see a difference in the quality of light but a LaaS (lighting-as-a-service) model will enable you to better estimate your lighting expenses each month, improving business planning and cash flow.

Just as you included your team and customers in planning for the retrofit, engage them when you “announce” the final project.

Cost savings, sustainability, and a healthier and safer work environment are all benefits of LED lighting. Plus, LED lighting requires less maintenance, so you can avoid future business disruptions.

Track, measure, and herald the benefits over time and join the companies that have used an LED installation and LaaS model to enjoy up to 60 percent energy savings.

Contact us today to get your free energy audit.

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Gabriela Anez-Lobon

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