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FES View: Making Smart Energy Easy

Gabriela Anez-Lobon
By Gabriela Anez-Lobon on April 11, 2022

Benefits of LED Lighting for Residential Communities

One important way property owners can make great efforts towards sustainability is by implementing LED lighting throughout their residential communities. These properties contain large lighting networks that operate most hours of the day and are required to remain operational. Any reputable housing association takes great care to ensure the safety and security of their residents—why not take the same care to source a lighting solution that saves money at the same time? 

Apartment complexes, multi-home housing units, condominium complexes, and living communities are suitable for LED lighting technology upgrades. It’s a low-risk, high-reward investment that doesn’t cost a dime. If that sounds too good to be true, read on to learn more about the benefits of LED lighting for residential communities and how partnering with FES can save you thousands of dollars every year. 

The Impact of LED Lighting for Residential Communities

LED lighting is quickly becoming the global standard for commercial properties and business owners. Residential lighting is the next logical step, and many renters and homeowners are taking the initiative to upgrade their interior lighting with a wide array of LED options.

The responsibility of exterior lighting for any kind of residential community falls upon the property owner, often with required approval from the board of directors of their housing association. In some scenarios, this might be a simple project that includes parking lot lighting and common areas such as a laundry room, mailbox areas, and hallways. 

It can include amenities such as a pool and spa, fitness centers, retail and shopping centers, and potentially multiple dining options for expansive sites. In this scenario, hundreds of lights are running for nearly 13 hours per day at an average of $0.14 per kWh

Upgrading to LED lighting can offer savings to the tune of:

  • $12,391 in annual electricity savings
  • $1,794 in yearly maintenance savings
  • 106,452 kWh in annual energy savings

To put this in perspective, that is comparable to removing 550 cars from the road or planting 780 acres of new growth forest. This is a tremendous shift towards green energy for residential complexes, reducing carbon footprint and increasing the property's appeal to environmentally-minded residents. Additionally, LED lighting improves overall safety and works well alongside existing security systems.

The financial gains that can be diverted to other property improvements:

  • Facility renovations
  • Interior unit remodeling to increase property value
  • Rental assistance for those in need

Yet perhaps the most motivating reason to upgrade to LED lighting for residential communities is the complete and total alleviation of maintenance costs and concerns.

Eliminate Maintenance with FES’ LED Lighting Technology

Reducing operational costs is more critical than ever, and property owners of residential complexes need to get creative to cut costs. Unfortunately, maintenance is typically not an area where you can expect to slash your budget. Managers simply can’t let repairs go unfixed for their residents. 

Repairing a water leak or plumbing issue is a problem that must be addressed immediately, but lighting maintenance often gets deferred. When specialized equipment is required, owners often wait until multiple lights need replacing to make the rental and labor worth the cost. When lighting problems are the staff's responsibility, stop-gap solutions can mean mismatched lighting with the wrong bulbs for the fixture.

The unpredictability of parts and labor for lighting maintenance for busy property managers adds unnecessary stress. However, property owners can eliminate maintenance costs by working with FES.

How to Become a LaaS Partner with FES

Most business owners overlook LED lighting upgrades because it’s too expensive, time-consuming, or difficult to implement. FES offers easy solutions to overcome these obstacles.

Lighting-as-a-Service is a unique business model that allows FES partners to upgrade their lighting system to LEDs at zero upfront cost. Here’s our six-step process:

  1. Connect & Gather - Your dedicated energy-saving specialist gathers information from your existing energy utility bills and assesses your site(s), so we can accurately forecast your savings.
  2. Audit & Review - We conduct a complete and detailed on-site analysis of your current lighting system and capture data required for the new lighting system.
  3. Design & Specify - You get a customized zone-by-zone new lighting solution that will enhance your location and maximize energy savings. 
  4. Engineer & Procure - We use our years of purchasing power and expertise to supply your new LED lights and fixtures, including any special accessories required.
  5. Full-service Installation - We mobilize the FES installation team to complete the site upgrade without disrupting your residents and staff. We will seamlessly install the new system and remove the old lights. Your old fixtures will be disposed of in an environmentally-safe way and in accordance with state regulations.
  6. Service & Maintain - Eliminate the headaches of burnt-out bulbs. Your service includes dedicated and ongoing care and maintenance for your new lighting system. We’ll keep your lights shining bright for up to 15 years. Then, should you need a replacement, we will hire a contractor to take care of it for you.

That’s it! We share the benefits of the total energy savings that we can achieve for your residential complexes. You receive 25% and we receive 75% of the energy savings. By partnering with FES, you see huge returns with zero investment. 

Those savings are yours to spend on other budgetary items or property improvements that will increase the value of your community. At FES, we care deeply about our environmental impact, aiming to mitigate common problems our partners face as business owners. That’s why we make it easy to choose LED lighting for residential communities. 


LED technology is continually evolving, and FES is here to carry the light into the future. 

LED lighting for residential communities:

  • Costs less than traditional lighting 
  • Lasts longer and require less maintenance 
  • Illuminates your property and complements security systems
  • Saves money and alleviates maintenance costs
  • Lessens environmental impact

Are you ready to upgrade the lighting for your residential complex? Reach out today to talk to an energy-savings specialist. We can’t wait to see you in LED.

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Published by Gabriela Anez-Lobon April 11, 2022
Gabriela Anez-Lobon

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