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FES View: Making Smart Energy Easy

Gabriela Anez-Lobon
By Gabriela Anez-Lobon on April 06, 2021

Why Your Business Can't Afford Not to Switch to LED Lighting Solutions

More than ever, businesses are facing the pressure to save money, increase profitability and provide a safe and healthy space for employees and customers. Finding new ways to reduce costs is an important way to protect your business when economic and global factors create constant volatility. One simple switch, LED lighting solutions, has already helped more than 60% of small businesses take control of their operating expenses. 

LED lighting solutions are one of the easiest ways to create long-term, month-over-month and year-over-year savings for your business. The benefits of LED lighting aren’t impacted by variable economic factors which means you can rest easy knowing your profitability will be protected no matter what comes.  

How LED Lighting Solutions Help Your Business Save

If your business needs extra capital to invest in growth or simply to stay afloat and better manage your operating expenses, you can’t afford not to consider all the ways LED lighting solutions can help. 

From cost savings to less tangible benefits corporate social responsibility and health and safety, here’s what makes LED lighting solutions the right choice for your small business.

LED Lighting Solutions Benefit 1 - Immediate Cost Savings

Energy costs are typically one of the largest contributors to your overall operating expenses. Most commercial lighting systems waste 60-90% of the energy they consume. That’s energy you’re paying for every month that’s not even going toward keeping the lights on!

Commercial LED lighting systems create two tracks of savings for your business thanks to lower energy usage and lower lifetime cost. 

  • LED lighting solutions typically use 25 to 80% less energy than other types of commercial lighting. This means your energy bills will be lower every month because your lighting system uses less energy to power it. LED lighting solutions are also more efficient with the energy they consume and more of the energy you’re paying for will go directly toward lighting your property versus being emitted as heat or wasted. 
  • LED lights have a longer lamp life than any other type of commercial lighting. With an average 50,000 hours of burn time, LED lights require less frequent replacement so maintenance costs are low. These savings add up across your property, freeing up additional operating capital. 

Ready to make the switch to LED lighting? Read this Guide to Commercial Lighting to find out how businesses just like yours are cutting costs by flipping the switch on LED lighting. 

LED Lighting Solutions Benefit 2 - Decreased Environmental Impact

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a non-negotiable part of any business's core practices. Consumers are putting more pressure on businesses to step up, and your decision to implement CSR initiatives across your organization can actually attract more customers to your business. Minimizing your environmental impact is a key pillar of CSR and is one that’s actually incredibly easy for your business to implement. 

LED lighting has been called “the hero of the sustainability movement.” LED technology has already reduced carbon emissions by close to 600 million tons in just one year. By adopting LED commercial lighting, your business contributes to this offset! You can be proud of the way your company is decreasing its environmental impact through LED lighting solutions. 

This type of commitment to the environment can also help you attract and retrain better talent to your team. Close to 60% of employees care about business’s commitments to the planet. 

LED Lighting Solutions Benefit 3 - Positive Sales Impact

Retailers typically spend as much as 30% of their operating budgets on lighting. Since lighting is essential, it’s important to find ways to cut this expense while still creating a welcoming environment and highlighting key displays and products.

In addition to retail environments, high quality lighting is also essential for restaurants, auto dealerships, government buildings and education institutions. Nearly every business can benefit from an energy audit and overall plan to rollout higher efficiency, lower cost LED lighting solutions.  

LED Lighting Solutions Benefit 4 - Enhanced Health and Safety

The health and safety of your customers and employees is a critical consideration for all small businesses. You may not think of your lighting when it comes to health and safety, but switching to LED lighting can make a big difference.

Traditional lighting expels 90% of the energy it utilizes through heat which makes these bulbs a burn hazard if they’re accidentally touched. In addition to being dangerous, this heat can increase your overall cooling costs in heavily lit environments.  

LED lights are lead and mercury-free which creates a less toxic environment for employees who work around these lamps all day. Poor quality light creates eye strain and can cause dangerous shadows and dim conditions that increase workplace hazards. LED lighting solutions produce high quality, non-flickering light that eases eye strain and creates a safer, more productive environment. 

LED Lighting Solutions Benefit 5 - Low Lifetime Cost

Switching to a more affordable, healthier LED lighting solution doesn’t have to be expensive. Working with a Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS) partner helps your business upgrade without breaking the bank. This model allows you to upgrade with zero capital investment, minimal impact to your business and lifetime savings. 

The LaaS service provider will provide an energy audit, create an upgrade roadmap, select and install the most efficient fixtures and sometimes cover the ongoing maintenance of the lighting system, too. 

Businesses must make smart choices to keep their doors open. Cutting operating expenses, increasing sales and upping overall productivity is critical. It’s a tall order, but choosing an LED lighting solution is easier than you might think and the immediate cost-savings can create a large lift for your bottom line.


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Published by Gabriela Anez-Lobon April 6, 2021
Gabriela Anez-Lobon

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