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Daniel Gold
By Daniel Gold on February 18, 2020

Keeping Your LED Light Fixtures Burning Bright

About 2 years ago, your business decided to take advantage of your power company’s rebate offer and you replaced all your parking lot lights from High-Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide lights to new, LED light fixtures.  Everything was going along smoothly, until you noticed that a couple of your new fixtures have “blocks” of LED lights that are no longer working.

You reached out to your electrical contractor and now you're frustrated because you can’t get a return phone call.  A little more digging and you learn that the contractor you used is no longer in business.  Worse, you learn that the five-year warranty on your lights does not cover this partial fixture failure.  That’s great... You have no choice but to hire another contractor and pay for a replacement fixture and the cost of having it installed.  No more rebate money to help you pay for this.

The work is completed, and you’ve paid the full cost of purchasing and installing replacement fixtures.  Now you’re looking out over your parking lot at night and you notice that the new fixtures are burning at a brighter color than the fixtures you had installed two years ago.  This isn’t the look you desired for your business – why does your parking lot lighting look like a patchwork quilt?

Why Are Newer LED Lights Brighter than Older Ones?

The answer is simple – science.  In order to get the same amount of light out of your new LED fixture as your old-tech fixture, your LED fixture is packed with up to 200 LED bulbs.  The color temperature is a result of color film over the surface of each LED bulb – for simplicity, we’ll call the film “paint”.

The fixture, with the LED bulbs and ballasts all crammed into a small space, burns scorching hot.  When the heat from operating the fixture collides with the LEDs paint what happens?  There will be a permanent color shift to the paint.  As we said – it’s science.

LED Lights that Don't Fade

Without getting into all the gory details – there are two things Future Energy Solutions has done in the way we design and manufacture our lights to eliminate this frustration for our clients:

  1. We designed and manufactured our LED lighting Systems to last.  Since we assume all the maintenance risk for the 15-year duration of the Gold Initiative Program, it only makes sense that we would design and manufacture our lights to minimize our maintenance costs.  In short – like a certain pink rabbit – our lights keep going, and going, and going.
  2. We designed our LED fixtures to virtually eliminate the color shift for the 15-year duration of our Gold Initiative Program.  Why did we do this if our lights last so long?  Simple, everything made has a failure rate – something might go wrong that would require us to replace a fixture.  We don’t want our clients to be frustrated by a color shift in the eventuality that we do have to replace a fixture.  The design and quality of our lights eliminate this as an issue for our clients.

When you replace your business’ lighting system through Future Energy Solutions’ Gold Initiative Program, you are working directly with the manufacturer of the LED fixtures.  We designed them, we built them, we delivered them, we installed them, and we will maintain them – all at our cost.  We share in your energy savings to receive a return on our significant capital investment in your business.  So, you get new lights, the elimination of lighting maintenance costs, and energy savings added back into your bottom line.

BEFORE you take the steps to replace your old technology lights with LEDs, take the step to see if your business qualifies for our Gold Initiative Program by contacting us today!

Not only will you save money – you will save yourself a lot of frustration going forward.


Published by Daniel Gold February 18, 2020
Daniel Gold