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Gabriela Anez-Lobon
By Gabriela Anez-Lobon on February 21, 2022

Installing Custom LED Gym Lighting for Fitness Centers

Gyms and fitness centers require efficient, high-performing lighting systems throughout the facility. Lighting psychology tells us that we are greatly affected by brightness or lack thereof, positioning, and even hue and saturation affect us cognitively. With an optimized LED lighting system, your gym lighting can provide exactly what your members need to perform better in every area of your facility. In addition to improving the experience for your staff and patrons, LED lighting can save you thousands of dollars every year. 

Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Gym Lighting to LEDs

Switching to commercial LED lighting solutions is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint and move towards a more sustainable operating plan for your business. In addition to being an environmentally friendly option, there are plenty of other reasons to upgrade your gym lighting to LEDs.

Improves Focus and Enhances Physical & Mental Performance

Lighting is an essential factor in performance. When exposed to artificial and natural lighting, the human brain reacts to light waves differently. LED lighting is bright without being overpowering and is the most effective way to mimic natural sunlight. 

High-quality lighting in a gym helps athletes maintain focus while accomplishing their training. In addition, it supports alertness and promotes a more positive experience while performing challenging exercises. 

Creates an Ideal Ambiance for Exercise

As with any space, LED lighting improves the appearance and ambiance of a room. When all areas are well lit, the setting is calm and comfortable. LED lighting is warming and inviting, with the power to shift the mood. In contrast, poor lighting can have adverse health effects.

When it comes to gym lighting, LEDs can function in various areas. Different exercises might require different lighting effects. For example, yoga classes might benefit from a mellow lighting effect, whereas high-energy classes like CrossFit might require a bright effect that encourages greater focus and concentration.

LED lighting can enhance whatever mood is best suited for the activity, no matter the area. For example, basketball and racquetball courts, pool and spas, and even retail centers can amplify their ambiance with optimized LED lighting effects.

Increases Safety for Staff and Patrons

Many gyms and fitness centers feature high ceilings, where hard-to-reach lighting systems are dangerous to fix and replace. Often, it requires specialized lift equipment and a maintenance crew, which can disrupt gym members.

By installing LED lighting with FES' lighting as a service model we take care of all maintenance and repair, so your team doesn’t have to worry about safety during routine fixes of outdated systems. Additionally, staff and patrons enjoy increased security with LED gym lighting. When every nook and cranny is illuminated, there is less risk of harm or misconduct. 

Instant & Substantial Financial Savings with Zero Upfront Investment

There are no financial downsides to partnering with FES. On the contrary, you will begin to see significant financial rewards when you install your new lighting system. Because FES owns the equipment, we’ve created a partnership designed to incentivize our partners to make upgrades confidently. 

First, we audit your facility and determine your current energy usage. Then, we create a customized lighting plan for your building and order the lights required for your location. We hire contractors to install the lights, and we pay for all maintenance fees for up to 15 years. So you will no longer need to defer maintenance for those hard-to-reach high ceiling areas, just give us a call, and we’ll schedule the maintenance and foot the bill. 

We offer all of this for zero upfront investment to you. Of the total energy savings you achieve, you keep 25%, and we keep 75% of the savings. That money is yours to spend however you choose for your business, whether you want to remodel, add new equipment, or bring in specialized coaches and instructors.

Best Locations for LED Gym Lighting

We can install LED gym lighting in just about anywhere inside of your gym to enhance the environment and make your customers and staff feel inspired to be there. Here are a few prime locations where LED lighting will improve your business:

    • Workout Areas: From open gym spaces to classroom studios, LED lighting has a range of effects to improve the experience for all gym members.
    • Locker Rooms & Showers: Locker room lighting should be bright and gentle. This is an area where people want to feel safe and comfortable, and the flattering glow of LED lighting provides both.
  • Pool & Spa: LEDs offer optimal lighting for swim and spa areas because they prevent eye discomfort commonly associated with harsh lighting systems. As the lighting reflects off of the water, it’s much more pleasing in LED than metal halide and fluorescent lights.
  • Childcare Area: We know that LED lighting is beneficial for children in classrooms, and the same theory applies to childcare gym lighting. Not only does it provide added safety for your child, but it has a positive effect on child behavior.
  • Retail Shop: LED lighting is a sales tactic for many retailers because it draws customers into a welcoming environment. In addition, it adds visibility to valuable merchandise. 
  • Exterior/Parking Lot: As mentioned above, superior exterior lighting draws attention and can help usher in new patrons. A brightly lit parking lot and exterior lighting offer an added sense of security for existing gym members and staff as they come and go from the building at night. It’s also an excellent way to complement your existing security systems.


LED lighting improves the aesthetics of any business, and fitness center owners are often competing based on appearance. So if you’ve never thought of gym light as an advantage before, it’s time to consider LED lighting.


Upgrading to LED lighting for your gym and fitness center is a win for your bottom line, a workplace improvement for all staff, and an added benefit for your gym members. To learn how to upgrade your gym lighting, contact an energy savings specialist today. 

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Published by Gabriela Anez-Lobon February 21, 2022
Gabriela Anez-Lobon

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