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Peter Hawksworth
By Peter Hawksworth on June 03, 2020

8 Benefits of LED Lighting for Parking Structures

Due to the impact of recent global events on businesses everywhere, it’s essential to look for new ways to reduce operating expenses. Parking structures are one of the most expensive areas to light. In this blog, you’ll learn how to immediately cut energy costs and start saving when your business switches to LED lighting for your parking structures.

There are projected to be more than 230 million licensed drivers on US roads in 2020 and more than 40,000 garages and surface parking lots for them to use. With this many drivers needing somewhere to park their vehicle, it’s no surprise that there are also more than 50,000 people injured in accidents in parking facilities every year. 

Many of these injuries are a result of poor visibility caused by poor lighting conditions. Converting to commercial LED lighting in parking structures can instantly increase pedestrian and driver safety, reduce your liability and contribute to tens of thousands of dollars of energy savings.

Typically a building’s parking area, whether it’s a lot or garage, occupies a significant chunk of the property. This means a lot of opportunity for savings when you switch to LED lighting. A reliably lit structure is critical for both customer and employee safety.

Effects of Poor Lighting in Parking Structures

In addition to pedestrian and driver injuries, poorly lit parking structures can negatively impact a customer’s experience. Many people do not feel safe walking in a poorly lit area after dark and may choose to visit a different business for their needs instead. A well lit parking area also helps employees feel safe when they arrive or leave after dark.

Lighting Plays a Key Role in Parking Structure Safety

Surrounding businesses can be found liable for dangerous activities, thefts and vandalism that occur on or near their properties due to poor lighting conditions. It’s important to note that: 

  • 10% of all property crimes occur in parking structures.
  • Parking structures represent the third most frequent place in which violent crimes can occur according to Parking Today Magazine.
  • 80% of the crimes that occur at shopping centers take place in the parking lot or parking garage.
  • 25% of rapes take place in a parking garage or public area, according to the Women-Safe Network.

Benefits of LED Lighting for Parking Structures

The US Department of Energy predicts that LED use in parking garages is expected to grow to 99% by 2030. You can be ahead of the curve by switching now and immediately reducing your lighting budget. 

You’ll see instant benefits like:

  1. Longer lamp life: Proper lighting provides more visibility, keeping pedestrians safe as they go to and from their car. Because LED lights maintain their brightness for much longer than traditional lights, you can rest assured knowing your structure is always well lit. 
  2. More visibility: As the ambient light changes throughout the day, your structure lighting must adjust also. Lighting that is too bright or improperly placed can actually make it harder for people’s eyes to adjust as they enter or exit the parking structure. 
  3. More light with less: Ideal structure lighting provides brightness without glare, good color output and full coverage to avoid shadowy areas. Working with a lighting professional like FES will help you identify the right lights, the right placement and the right techniques to properly light an area.
  4. Reduced waste: Our lighting solutions include helpful hardware like sensors and motion detectors. The ability to reduce lighting automatically in areas that aren’t being used means you’ll stop wasting money lighting empty areas. Because these sensors immediately adjust when someone is present, the usability and safety of your parking structure is never compromised. 
  5. Lower energy consumption: It takes a lot of light bulbs to safely illuminate your parking area. LED lights typically use as much as 80% less energy than traditional alternatives. 
  6. A safer environment: LED lighting is safer than traditional lighting in parking structures because it can be easily adjusted to eliminate dark areas and to provide the right amount of light.
  7. Better durability: Because of their design, LED lights withstand the ever-changing environmental changes within a parking area, including moisture exposure and extremely low temperatures.
  8. Increased customer loyalty: Customers who feel safe visiting your establishment will continue to return, which increases their lifetime value to your business. 

Learn more about how FES' no-cost LED lighting solutions can instantly save your business money and increase the safety of your structure.

guide to commercial led lighting

How Much Can You Save with LED Lighting?

Parking garage owners in the United States spend more than $6 billion per year on energy costs to light their facilities, according to Energy Manager Today. Because an expertly designed LED lighting solution can use up to 80% less energy than traditional lights, that’s a savings of $4.8 billion per year.

Our customers often experience more than a 70% reduction in their energy costs. This translates to savings of tens of thousands of dollars per year thanks to our LED lighting solutions. 

In addition to lowering your ongoing energy costs, you can get paid to switch to our LED solutions. We’ve helped thousands of business owners upgrade to energy-efficient lighting for zero capital investment. We’ll even buy your old, outdated fixtures to put some extra cash right in your pocket.

The Right Light and The Right Partner

Switching to LED lighting for your parking structure will immediately impact your budget. Swapping your outdated bulbs for energy-efficient LED lights will provide immediate energy cost savings for your company. Your energy bill will be lower than with traditional lights, and LED light bulbs last 50,000 to 100,000 hours which can translate to decades of use in a parking structure. 

Beyond the immediate cost savings of LED lights for parking structures, FES lighting designs also take into account the style of lighting that each area of your structure requires. You may be surprised to learn that brighter, wider LED lights allow you to use fewer fixtures throughout the structure. Plus, we’ll purchase any of your old or unneeded fixtures to give you an extra boost.

If your business needs to reduce costs, find out if a LED lighting upgrade can save your business money. Learn more in this Complete Guide to Commercial LED Lighting.


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Published by Peter Hawksworth June 3, 2020
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