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Gabriela Anez-Lobon
By Gabriela Anez-Lobon on March 30, 2021

5 Steps to Find the Best Commercial Lighting Company for Your Building

When you’re ready to upgrade your commercial lighting, it’s important to find a partner who can help you take advantage of all the cost savings that are available. Businesses who upgrade to LED lighting can save more than 60% on their energy and maintenance costs. This could equal tens of thousands of dollars for your business, but only if you’re working with an experienced partner who understands your business. 

How to Find the Best Commercial Lighting Company

Not all lighting partners are created equal. Here are the 5 steps you can take to find the best commercial lighting company for your building. 

Step 1 to Finding a Commercial Lighting Company: Pick a Lighting Model

Even though LED is an emerging field, look for a commercial lighting company with a proven track record of success. First, determine what type of commercial lighting company you’d like to work with. Some companies simply sell you the LED lamps and fixtures and leave the rest to you to plan and manage.

An easier option for many small businesses is working with a Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS) provider. The LaaS model makes it possible to upgrade your commercial lights without any upfront capital investment. 

The monthly savings are immediate as your energy usage drops, and a portion of these monthly savings goes toward the LaaS program. In addition to enabling you to instantly reduce your energy bill and boost your profitability, some LaaS providers partner with you through the entire lifecycle of your equipment, providing maintenance and upgrades as part of their overall service.

Step 2 to Finding a Commercial Lighting Company: Review the Company’s Experience

Beyond just an excellent track record, it’s important to choose a commercial lighting company with experience within your industry and with buildings like yours. Every business’s lighting needs are unique. Choosing a partner who is familiar with your industry means you’ll be able to leverage their knowledge of best practices and new technology that will put you ahead of the curve. 

If you have multiple locations, it’s a good idea to find a commercial lighting company with a coast-to-coast presence. A national LaaS partner will be able to leverage their multi-state presence to reach each of your locations quickly with the people and product you need. 

Step 3 to Finding a Commercial Lighting Company: Look for a Partner, Not Just a Provider

A commercial lighting upgrade is complicated. It’s important to find a commercial lighting company that will act as your partner through the process. This means helping you assess both your lighting needs and your potential cost savings. A partner will actively look for ways to help you save even more money through rebate programs, incentives and grants. 

Wondering how a commercial lighting company can help you save money? Read this Guide to Commercial Lighting.

Step 4 to Finding a Commercial Lighting Company: Check Their References

If you weren’t personally referred to the LaaS provider you’re considering, take a look at their reviews and success stories. You can also check unbiased sites like the Better Business Bureau to see what other customers’ experiences have been. 

When possible, it’s a good idea to speak to another small business owner in your same industry who has also worked with the LaaS provider, too. This will allow you to learn more about exactly how the commercial lighting company was able to help a similar business become more energy efficient, start saving money and create a safer environment.

Step 5 to Finding a Commercial Lighting Company: Make It Last

LED lights last longer than any other type of commercial lighting. While you won’t need replacement bulbs nearly as frequently as with other types of commercial lighting, you do want to form a long-term relationship with your lighting provider. 

The best commercial lighting companies provide 360 degree support for your lighting upgrade - all the way from the initial planning and installation to onsite troubleshooting and ongoing support.

The right LaaS partner will also keep an eye on which new LED technologies and trends are right for your small business and keep you in the loop. This level of support is hard to come by, but it helps you maximize your lighting investment for the long haul.  

Upgrading to LED lights is the smart way to boost productivity and safety while cutting costs and your energy dependence. As more and more commercial lighting companies begin to work with LED lights, it’s important to do your research and find a lighting partner who understands your small business’s unique lighting challenges and can help you upgrade with zero downtime and zero upfront costs.



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Published by Gabriela Anez-Lobon March 30, 2021
Gabriela Anez-Lobon

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